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Why I Wrote A Book For Empaths

Hi. I'm Jad Alexander. In 1997 I researched the world wide web to find out how many references there were to the word. With the exception of role playing games I could only find a couple of vague references to the word "Empath."

I had been studying the evolution of consciousness for all of my adult life; via a college education in Psychology as well as intensive personal study. Over a twenty year period of teaching and training people to use their intuition and psychic abilities I had noticed a pattern in the personalities I was encountering.

Approximately one out of every ten students I trained met the following profile:

  • extra sensitive emotionally
  • somewhat of a "loner"
  • highly sensitive to light, sound, & smell
  • highly intuitive
  • relationship oriented (other than crowds & groups)
  • reported a history of unusual experiences
  • possessed an "inner longing" or "sense of calling" that could not be satisfied.

These individuals could actually sense the emotions and sometimes the thoughts of people around them. Everyone possesses a degree of intuition, but these individuals seemed to be "entrained" or shaped by their own intuitive natures.

I began using the term "Empath" to identify this type of person and created an online project in my search for Empaths.

I created over twenty-four websites introducing and promoting the word "Empath" all over the world. I flooded the web with as many references to the word as possible, in an attempt to locate more Empaths and to continue my study.

Within two years, the word EMPATH had saturated the web. Everyone, everywhere was suddenly an Empath! Every psychic, clairvoyant, medium, healer, & life coach suddenly had the label Empath attached to their promotions.

Soon books started appearing on "How to BE an Empath" and other related topics. Within a few more years EVERYONE had suddenly become an expert on Empaths and the concept was going like wildfire.

My original theory was that Empaths represent a hybrid form of person that is only now rising out of the gene pool. It is my perception that more and more Empath children are being born all the time.

The exciting part about this idea was that this could represent a new resource for our civilization. Empaths could serve a useful function in society if properly trained and guided to use the abilities they possess.

In 1998 I launched the "School of Empath Psychology" to properly train Empaths on how to discipline and use their abilities; and to promote the development of Professional Empath Consultants. This website, the Empaths Group, and the connected work are all dedicated to furthering the Empath Project.  This work was funded in the 1990's by a group of Charter Members who have made all this free to the public.

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Painting by Michaelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City
Sibyls were female seers of ancient Greece and Rome. They were also known as oracles.

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