Empath Reflection
by Jad Alexander

1 My world responds to my mind and my mind responds to my thoughts. My thoughts respond to me as I am none of those things. What I am exists eternally and through eternity I have become aware of what I am. One in mind and body, One in the world of mind, and One with all things.

2 How I experience my Self depends upon my awareness. My consciousness is a greenhouse in which my awareness may grow. Through growth I become more of who I am and aware of how I grow. What I know is who I am and how I know is what I am.

3 Awareness may be bound or free. My awareness is bound by thought, thoughts which focus on the outer world of form and interaction. Such thoughts bind the way I experience myself to the world around me, creating a sense of dependence, craving, fear, and struggle. When I struggle I lose my awareness in the thoughts that follow and forget who I am. In losing my awareness I fall into the sleep of forgetfulness and dream the dreams of the isolated mind. Who I am becomes bound by the dreams and I cry out for my freedom.

4 Awareness may be freed by thought. My awareness is freed by thoughts which guide my perceptions inward to their source, to my spirit whose nature is limitless and unbound. As I free my thoughts I discover the unconditional state of joy that beats fiercely within me like the heart of the hummingbird. I hear the rhythm of this beating heart like a distant drum calling to me through the dream. In the heartbeat I feel the burning power of my ancient past beckoning me to awaken and to remember who I am. As I remember what I am I become what I remember. I set myself free.

5 I create my Self by choosing my thoughts. I cannot add to or take away from my Self. For all that I am is present in each moment and through my awareness of the present I have access to all that I am. All that I am is whole and complete in the moment. Wholeness is holiness and holiness is the measure of my freedom within the dream. I choose my thoughts by knowing my Self and finding myself in all things.

6 My mind is the gate between the worlds. My heart is the light that binds the me to this space and the place where I may find freedom in this life. In this life I am as free as I allow myself to be. I am implicate, dweller in the space between the worlds.

7 My journey begins and ends with the question, "Who am I?" For in understanding my Self I understand all others for we are all One and the Same.

8 In my present form or in any form I may come. The Universe spins around me as I move forward in a straight line, changing forms as I go. What comes and what goes does not alter that line. For what I am cannot be bound.

9 My forms live and die but I continue on. My treasures come and go, but I remain free.

10 My mind is my vessel and my body its home. In this space I am within all space. In my heart I am one with all hearts. Space is my circle and the circle is my heart. I can move freely in this space by remembering who I am.

from "The Book of Storms" by Jadoa T. Alexander Copyright 1992-2006-2007 All Rights Reserved You can get written permission to quote or display the Empath Reflection on your website, blog, or forum by writing to Admin@MySilentEcho.com