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Jad Alexander is a natural born Empath who became a teacher and guide in 1976 at the urgings of his spiritual teacher Elma Fleming. Elma Fleming was the founder of the Aquarian Center for Research and Enlightenment in Southwest, Florida.  Jad communicated effortlessly on the subject of the mystical Qabalah everywhere he went, inspiring others to study the esoteric material.  At the young age of 19 he was already delivering a message of inspiration and insight into ancient teachings about the soul. Rev. Fleming pulled him aside and told him that he was meant to teach others, something that had never occurred to him. With her support he began teaching and lecturing that year and has continued to this day.

Jad has an extensive resume of teaching and consulting. He has provided classes, seminars, workshops, and special training groups over the past thirty years. His early work as a "psychic" evolved over time into Empath work as he discovered the real keys to intuitive ability.  Overtime Jad has trained thousands of people to tap into and to utilize genuine intuitive abilities.  

To supplement his work with Empaths Jad pursued a graduate degree in Psychology, specializing in Mental Health Counseling.  Working with the psyche and balancing the subtle foundation of the mind became Jad's focus as he continued his research into Empath nature. Jad's extensive experience as a teacher and a consultant become evident in the careful structure of the coursework he offers.  The techniques offered in the coursework have been tested over time by many groups of students. With diligent application of the material the results can be phenomenal.

Jad founded the School of Empath Psychology in 1998, creating the first level of foundation for growth of the Empath movement. The mission of the School is to promote Empath awareness and research.  Jad continues to teach in Southwest, Florida as well as travel for speaking engagements.  He is the creator of "Dreamtongue" a highly specialized and effective use of intuitive communication which can be applied to any language.   Jad offers training and certification to qualified individuals who seek to train Empaths and who wish to teach Dreamtongue.

Jad's motto for teaching "Information should convert to energy."
Too many people collect information without really using it or benefiting from it. Jad's materials are designed to convert into useable energy - to make meaningful changes in a person's life.   It takes a special kind of person to complete the training program he offers. A person who is : self-motivating, determined, independent, grounded, resourceful, and who maintains a high degree of personal integrity. 

Jad's insights into the human psyche can be a great assist to anyone genuinely seeking the meaning of his or her own life and seeking realistic growth as an intuitive & enlightened being.



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