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Interpreting Dreamtongue

Section 5: The Language Of Gamma

Gamma Language
is the meta-language of the spirit, it is the whole (holographic) nature of a person that expresses through countless means. All the above levels of Dreamtongue are in fact Gamma language. Gamma language expresses spiritual questing, spiritual needs, and spiritual understanding.

The word spiritual here means a connection to existence and meaningful relationship with all of life. Gamma is the spiritual language. This is the deepest level of empathic functioning.

"The Creative Urge" (the Beta of Gamma) emerges deep from within the Beta level of spiritual language and involves perceptions/expressions of beauty and joy in the physical world. The recognition of beauty (aesthetics) and the emotion of joy trigger unique patterns within select parts of your brain.

Messages regarding the sanctity and the beauty of nature, of physical life, of physical love, of art, and movement are all Beta messages of spiritual language. As Gamma signals, these messages originate from within you at the deepest level of your self. Gamma signals are often felt as intense creative impulses.

"Spiritual States" (the Alpha of Gamma) occur at the Alpha level of spiritual language. This level involves signals of spiritual emotional states, states of wholeness, joyfulness, clarity, love, internal freedom, and peacefulness. These signals result from an awareness of the holographic nature of things, or put another way, the oneness behind all things.

You normally receive information at the Alpha level of spiritual language when something inspires you or touches you in a significant way. Standing before a waterfall, watching the sunset, holding a baby, or reading inspirational materials can generate these signals within you. When you can read these states in another person you are accessing their Alpha level of spiritual language.

"The Universal Mind" (the Theta of Gamma) can be found through the Gamma level of spiritual language. It is the place where all rational explanations fall short.

The entire area of metaphysics, including religion and all spiritual topics, come into discussion at this level. This is a level that is personal and significant to each person in some unique way. How you interpret it and what you decide about it is a personal choice and experience.

To give you one example that relates to empathic nature, I would mention the subject of channeling. I have had a very profound experience with channeling that I will not recount here. What I will share is that the result of that experience has led me to understand channeling as a means to tap into our higher natures. Whether we call these higher natures spirit or whatever, is of no matter. We all have a higher nature.

From my channeling experience I learned to call my higher nature my "sovereign self." I do not think that other beings use our bodies to speak during channeling, but that is just my opinion. It merely involves greater parts of ourselves that speak, using Dreamtongue, to convey information from our deepest levels. Still, the problem with defining these experiences comes with defining beingness.

We do not really understand our own ultimate natures, so how can we understand where to draw the lines between our consciousness and other levels of consciousness? What is useful to know is that channeling is a way to tap into your own Gamma level. To channel only requires that you learn to trust in yourself enough to let this level open up inside of you. Channeling is nothing more than speaking out loud with your dream voice. You can do it alone or with other people.

If you do work with channeling, try to record it through writing or on tape, so that you can put it in your Empath's journal. You will be amazed at what can potentially come through you. Many subjects open up at this level. The concept of the collective consciousness of the planet; the collective unconscious; Jungian archetypes, and ideas of a "universal mind" all come into view at this level of empathic communication. We have barely skimmed the surface in this discussion.

"Walking between the Worlds" (The Delta of Gamma) If the last level is the place where all "explanations fall short," you can imagine that this level will be even more of a challenge to the intellect. The Delta level of Gamma refers to the "inner observer" , the "inner eye," as the part of you that sees existence from the innermost level. This inner observer is more like the "eyes of your soul."

The closest anecdotal information related to this level involves moving out of one's body and into other dimensions, worlds, universes. Whether or not these dimensions and worlds would be constructs of the brain or actual locations cannot be always determined at this point in our development as a species. To explore this level further I would direct you to books related to shamanic journeying and Eckankar.

"The Door" (the Gamma of Gamma) At this pure Gamma level we can only be aware of the potential that we are each interconnected with the rest of existence. The pure state of Gamma is where we are all connected and therefore have access to the "universe" itself. It can be thought of as the "door in which we entered this existence" and the "door by which we will exit."

If there is communication between worlds, if noncorporeal beings of any sort exist, this would be the place through which those communications would occur. This is the place of the great mystery. Here, our brains cannot wrap around the ultimate reality. Instead we are challenged to find this door and to explore on our own. Some say it leads to a great Abyss that cannot be traversed. Others say they have crossed that Abyss and returned with new vision and inspiration. Whatever lies beyond what the human brain can conceive/perceive is to be found within this "door" of the Gamma level.

Throughout this lesson you were introduced to a primer of Dreamtongue components. So far we have identified 25 key levels of communication available to an Empath. What is more important is that you get a feel for all of these parts, more than memorizing them. The parts always work together into a whole tapestry of information.

Rarely, if ever, does any one part of Dreamtongue occur without all the others present in some degree. Yet, as I mentioned before, learning about the parts will help you have greater understanding in working with the whole. There is so much to share here, but this is all that is necessary for this stage of your preliminary training. Understanding the parts of the language will help you better listen to and interpret the flowing messages of Dreamtongue occurring around you everyday.

You can use this lesson as a reference guide as you begin to notice Dreamtongue more and more in your life. What lies ahead in future courses will bring all of this information to life and will pull a veil away from your eyes. A veil that you did not even know was there. To become an awakened Empath is something far greater than just realizing you are an Empath. Your intuition will tell you when you are ready.

Lesson Eight Review

1. The purpose of stage eight is to begin to develop an understanding of the language of Dreamtongue, from the receptive end; to establish some basic guidelines for interpreting empathic language components.

2. Beta language is empathic language conveyed through the body and through actions.

3. Alpha language is emotive language which conveys emotional and psychological states.

4. Theta language is mental language which conveys mental content.

5. Delta language is visual language which conveys direct and symbolic imagery.

6. Gamma language is the spiritual language which conveys holographic and symbolic information.

7. All levels of Dreamtongue occur together blended into a flow of information.

This concludes Lesson 8. Lesson 9, the final lesson for this course is next.

If you are interested in receiving academic credit for this course just post a request for the details. The School of Empath Psychology offers a Masters level certification for individuals who complete the entire set of courses.

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