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Class Format Comment:   Teaching the Psychology of Energy via long distance learning (i.e. the internet) presents unique challenges.  Normally I teach in person  which provides opportunity for dialogue and clarification.  By presenting online I am giving information in tidbits and "gestalts", so it does require an additional thought process when reading over the materials.  I may provide "half of an equation" in one section then the other half in the next section; then summarize the two in a third.  In order to avoid confusion or incorrect conclusions please make a point to ask questions, discuss, and request clarification. This will enhance your learning experience tremendously! Each point made in a post can be expanded upon significantly. You can post your questions in the Empaths Group, which was created for this purpose.

Important areas covered so far:



     It is on this note that we reach what I call the "Conversion" level of the lesson. That means that this is the point where we take the information further and see how it converts into energy.  This is where we see how you can use it and where it applies. 

Converting EFFORT into Energy

If you are reading ahead then you may short change yourself. I strongly recommend reading the lessons in order and completing the suggestions before progressing.  If you read ahead then your risk of forming erroneous conclusions is very high. 

In the first section I gave you a challenge to find a one word replacement for the label EFFORT.   I hope that you have made some attempt at this, made some "effort" to do so.

The learning process is this: 

So if you are reading this now I am going to assume that you have done the first four steps. (whenever it is that you begin to access these lessons).

Now that you are familiar with EFFORT and the role of gravity,  and have at least a beginning understanding of how it impacts your life, and the life of others, we need to understand how I selected one word which will embody the part of us that masters Gravity.

How did I do that?  Well, we know that the word "gravity" sums it all up but that seems too abstract and outside of our own personal associations.  We know that gravity is the master energy from this perspective, so "mastery" comes to mind, but that too, is not completely defined enough to make it useable.   We know that at the heart of the subject of gravity, what we are talking about is "strength." We can extrapolate from there and say that dealing with physical gravity leads to physical strength and that dealing with psychic gravity leads to psychic strength - that is the obvious conclusion. But the secret that is often over looked is this:

Physical strength leads to psychic strength
Psychic strength leads to physical strength.

From the "strength" required to work in both directions I use the word "EFFORT."

These interrelated bi-directional concepts are what I think of as "circles."  Learning to see these circles will open your eyes to a new world of energy and wonders.  This involves switching from a a "binary type" of perception to a more holographic perception. Changing your perception from seeing things in "squares" (separate categories) to seeing things in "circles" (interrelated categories). 

Binary Perception:
Binary perception occurs at the Beta (surface) level and is integral to our survival on the planet. Yet it is the most primitive and limited level of our abilities and can often prevent us from growing and expanding. 

Binary perception is "black and white" thinking.  Everything is either one thing or another, such as:  good or bad, off or on, right or wrong, this or that, up or down, left or right,  1 or 0.      Computers primarily "think" using binary principles ( ones and zeros) but our brains are much more than computers.  Your brain generates an energy field that is a gestalt of all the inner processes. That field effect supports meta-abilities and higher levels of functioning. This is why "psychic" ability cannot be located within the brain, because it is not "in" the brain as much as it is in the field of energy created by the brain.  Binary perception by itself can lead to very rigid, inflexible, and problematic thinking.  I am sure you have met a "binary personality type."

So instead of seeing psychic gravity as one phenomenon and physical gravity as another phenomenon, we can learn that they are both part of one phenomenon,  (a circle) with multiple dimensions and p.o.v.s (perspectives, points of view) available.   Instead of looking at the "inner world" as one thing separate unto itself and the "outer world" as one thing separate unto itself, we can see that they are both part of one circle, not really separate from each other at all.

Power Point:   the mind is the body and the body is the mind. (another circle). What happens to the body happens to the mind. What happens to the mind happens to the body. They are inseparable.  This is an extremely important piece of information to wrap your thoughts around, if you are interested in phenomenal results

I say that, knowing that most people want to get "straight to the psychic stuff," without discussing the conductor involved.  That part is coming, I am simply supplying you with ALL of the information instead of only parts. 

There are five degrees of perception relative to this course:

1st degree:  (beta) Binary - black/white, off/on, right wrong, good/bad, fight/flight body/mind reactions
2nd degree :
(alpha) Fluid - random associations, multiple p.o.v.s, imagination, wide open, reactive, approach/avoid emotional reactions.
3rd degree:
( theta)  Focused - discerning, discriminatory, analytical, comparative, synthesizing, evaluative, utilitarian, objective.
4th degree: -
(delta)  Crystal - accurate, effective, actualized, integrative, productive, insightful, clear/unfettered, comprehensive.
5th degree: -
(gamma)  Implicate - holographic, integrates the other four degrees in fluid form, spontaneous, transcendent, benevolent, constructive, in-synch with all levels.

(a discussion on the five degrees of perception is available on request)

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So, are all of these numbers, levels, degrees, and Greek letters important?  No, absolutely not!  They are only training devices.  Exposure to the information as it is structured provides training and stimulates awareness. If I were to give an exam at the end of the lesson it would not be anything  related to knowing the numbering, the labels, the degrees, etc  The exam would be an essay on how you are growing and what awareness is taking place within you as a result of your studies.

To convert any concept to energy requires expanding the degree of your perception of the concept.   As you learn each of the energy states (elementals) you will have the opportunity to "activate" that elemental within your psyche.  As more elementals become active within you, your abilities evolve and your understanding begins to accelerate - I have watched it happen many times with many different types of individuals. 


Learning Aid:  visualize your psyche as a circle. We traditionally think of a circle as having 360 degrees.  There are thirty-six points on that circle that represent elements of your psyche (elementals). With each lesson you will learn how to "turn on" that elemental, or activate that potential within yourself. 
When all thirty-six are active and integrated, that state is referred to as "fully actualized."

I put the word EFFORT in all caps because I am not using it in its ordinary sense. I am using the common word to embody everything we have discussed so far with all of the implications. Throughout these lessons when I use the word EFFORT in all caps, you will know I am referring to the psychic (or inner) required to mastery and work with gravity, with all of it's dimensions. Using one word such as EFFORT brings the issues of Gravity into a degree of crystalline perception (4th degree/Delta).   A better phrase actually comes from Buddhism where it is referred to as "Right Effort." But for our purposes we need one single symbol to convey our understanding of gravity and the psychic elemental which develops when we work with it.


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2006 Jad Alexander   All Rights Reserved 

So far, we have established the word EFFORT in our Empath Psychology vocabulary.  The word EFFORT appearing in all caps represents everything you are learning and will learn about dealing with inner and outer Gravity.  EFFORT is your response to Gravity - both internally and externally.  EFFORT is the first of the "psychic elements" you are learning about in the Psychology of Energy.  EFFORT is the key to mastery relative to the remaining elements (or elementals).  Without EFFORT an Empath is extremely susceptible to imagination and delusion.  All of this may sound like an obvious point, but EFFORT is more far reaching than you might imagine. 

Traditional or classic approaches to "psychic" or "intuitive" development historically skipped past EFFORT  (BETA) and went straight for visualization and imagination, typically producing inconsistent or unstable results. 

Applying EFFORT to your development, your growth, and even to your life, will produce phenomenal - meaningful results. Anyone who has deal with very, very hard times knows intimately what EFFORT is, but the situation does not have to be dire or critical for your to apply EFFORT.

The last power point that I shared with you was:

Power Point:   the mind is the body and the body is the mind. (another circle). What happens to the body happens to the mind. What happens to the mind happens to the body. They are inseparable.  This is an extremely important piece of information to wrap your thoughts around, if you are interested in phenomenal results

Right now this lesson is focusing on Beta, the yellow square of Prithiv, the "outer world", the surface - so to speak. I am addressing the box we call "reality."  Which is, in essence, only our "perception" of reality.  All we can ever know is what is in our heads. The reality you know and experience every moment exists primarily in your brain.  Everything you can perceive/detect/observe is occurring within the cells and chemistry of your brain.  

Knowing that the reality we experience is inside our heads, we are given the opportunity to alter or change that reality.  The four sides of this box can also be thought of through associations such as "north, south, east, and west"; "up, down, left, right", even "fire, air, water, and earth," and so on. It is the symbol of our experience confined by sensory perception.

No matter how much you visualize yourself to be "psychic" or "empathic", no matter how much you imagine wonderful things about yourself, you will always have to deal with this: . But there is a great secret to the "box" that I am about to share with you. This gives an entirely new meaning to the phrase "thinking outside of the box."

Here is where this information can be meaningful in our lives:

No matter how psychic or empathic you are, you will still:

1) Will wake up every morning inside your own body; you will either feel well or feel ill; you will either have enough energy to do what you have to do or not; you will look good (healthy) or not (not well); you will either be tired or energized; you will like what you see in the mirror or not; you will have physical symptoms to deal with or not; you will still be susceptible to pleasure or pain.  Your body exists: it is where you are and who you are for now.

2) You will still approach every day with a feeling of optimism or pessimism; you will feel good or bad about yourself; you will feel encouraged or discouraged - varying from day to day; you will feel motivated or apathetic; you will be prone to moments of joy as well as moments of depression; you will be susceptible to being offended or having your feelings hurt; you with feel balanced & stable or out of control and uncertain.

3. You will be clear on who you are and what you want or you will be preoccupied with doubt and anxiety; you will still have to make decisions on a daily basis which affect your life both short term and in the long term; you will either have goals you are pursuing or you will be just getting by one day at a time; you will have a sense of direction or a sense of aimlessness; you will still understand what is going on in your life or be confused by events.

4. You will still feel empowered or helpless at any given moment; you will have a vision of the meaning of your life or feel a sense of emptiness; you will see the world as a cornucopia of opportunity or a prison of limitations; you will experience the unbearable lightness of being or the heaviness of burden; you will be acutely aware of how to "move" the dance of life in the direction you desire or you will be at a loss as to how to change your circumstance. Like most of us, you will probably be somewhere in between all of these extremes.

5. You will still have all four of the above points happening simultaneously, fluidly shifting from moment to moment;  You will still have to pay your bills, clean your house, shower and dress, work or tend to your affairs, get along with other people, and fit into society (in whatever fashion is unique to you) surfing the great waves of life like some cosmic surfer - always vulnerable to falling off and always wondering if you will be able to "get back on again."

No matter how much of an Empath you are, if you are reading this lesson right now via the internet or email, you are still inside the box , still in the Beta state of being physical, and are subject to all the conditions mentioned above (and more.)

Now, so much for  BETA representing our limitations - on to the great "secret."  I only call it a secret because it was so frequently overlooked in the past. 

The Beta level (the physical level) is not only a "locked box" that holds us into place with gravity it is something oh so much more. 

The yellow square of Beta is not really a box at all, instead it is a door:

Beta is the doorway into your inner world and all that is and could be inside it.  You can spend your entire life guessing what is in the box, imagining what is inside the box, speculating about what is inside the box, learning about what is inside the box, and talking about what is inside the box


You can access the doorway and gain entry into the box.  You can open the door and can access the controls which profoundly influence your life.   This is the goal and purpose of this course. This occurs as you advance to higher degrees of perception and action.The appreciation of the full extent of what I am referring to requires points that are covered in the upcoming lessons.  Your understanding of this will expand and improve with each of the lessons to follow. Inside this door are channels that access every area of your mind, channels that are called "nodes.'  We will be discussing nodes at great length.

There are two ways that I teach access to Beta as a doorway into the inner workings of your mind, the inner workings of reality, and the deeper mysteries of life.  Each method is profoundly powerful, I have no hesitation in making that statement and standing behind it.  Teaching it to you through long distance is a challenge, so I will rely on your own efforts and EFFORT to get the full picture and benefit.

I hope that by now you realize that opening the "door" of Beta requires EFFORT.  This is true not only for Empathic development but for happiness and success in your life.  EFFORT produces meaningful results in 360 degrees of your life.

The first method for "transforming" the box of Beta limitations into a doorway of infinite access to energy is something I call "The Magick Mirror."  The Magick Mirror is the subject of the next lesson in The Psychology of Energy.

Take your time to work with this information.

When you are ready to go to the next lesson, "The Magick Mirror," Click Here.

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