This is the introductory section to  the second course in the Empath Psychology series entitled, "The Psychology of Energy".   The pre-requisite for this course is "Dreamtongue." To get the full benefit of this current course you need to be familiar with all nine lessons of the Dreamtongue course. 

 I hope that you get the most out of these lessons and that you benefit from the study. The lessons I am sharing online at this time are preparations for sharing the Book of Storms with budding intuitives. How far you choose to go with these lessons is entirely up to you.  

My formal training is in Psychology - with a specialization in Mental Health Counseling.  I have used my Empathic talents to be the best counselor and best teacher I could be.  It is my hope that these lessons will touch many and create a positive wave of change in the world. 

If you are a health professional and/or a holistic health practitioner, I encourage you to ask questions and refine your understanding of the materials.   I will ease gradually into the subject as it can be perceived as very complex, yet it is simple in the end.. My task as a teacher is to make it simple and useable by everyone. If you are taking the course for your own growth and development, I ask that you participate in full by asking questions and sharing your experiences in the Empath Group. This will help make the material useful for you and benefit others as well.

There are no fees for these lessons and no strings attached. This is  a mission that I must fulfill in my life before departing as I am currently dealing with two life threatening illnesses. I have been a teacher all my life - it is what I do.  I have also brought Empathic children into this world and I want to leave a place for them where they will be acknowledged and supported.  I hope to partner with other Empath pioneers to establish a well rounded venue of services.


This information is currently available at the Yahoo Empaths Group site.  Membership is required but free.

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