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 Courses offered by The School of Empath Psychology

Empath 101 : "Dreamtongue - the empathic language"

The first course in the series is called "Dreamtongue"

It is a course in empathic communication and is the pre-requisite for all classes to follow.

To benefit from the course start with the introduction and then work with each lesson separately and in order.  Work at your own pace.  Post questions as needed and share your experiences with the materials.

Do not be concerned with others being ahead of you or of feeling that you are too far behind.  Just work in your own timeframe and you will be fine.

Dreamtongue Course Links:


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Current Class:  "The Psychology of Energy"

The Magick Mirror -continued - Psychology of Energy Lesson One (e)

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2006 Jad Alexander  All Rights Reserved.
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