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If you are new to the group you will want to get started right away on the Dreamtongue   material. It is a pre-requisite for the courses that follow.   The new class is on "Empath Psychology" which is "The Psychology of Energy" ; a fascinating journey into the human mind from an Empath's perspective.  The course highlights the connections between mental states and energy states emphasizing ways to access the energies for self-growth, transformation, healing, and influence.   This course makes references to the key points you learn from the Dreamtongue material.

Why Free?  We've gotten letters from individuals who are asking why such high quality coursework is being offered free over the internet.   The answer is that this project was funded by charter members who paid for the courses back in the nineties.   Thanks to this group of empathic souls Jad was able to launch the Empath movement over the worldwide web in the late nineties.  He has dedicated his time and his original materials as a form of community service in order to support the development and integration of Empaths into society.

Can I make a donation?  Yes, you can make a donation to support the work. There will be an option added to this service for those who want to make a donation.   The best kind of donation would be to help the project with some "energy exchange" or time & energy.   We are looking for individuals who will write articles  about the project, the course work, their own experience with the project, and who will help get the news of the project out there to the public.   We are also looking for individuals who will post links to this project and otherwise promote the project on the web. So there are many ways you can help!

The Empath Types -  there are many requests flooding in asking for material on the Empath Types that Jad outlines in his fun quiz "What Kind of Empath Are You?"    In actuality, once a student completes most of the coursework, there will be some startling insights into those categories.  But to satisfy the general curiosity Jad is working on a series which will provide a simple overview of the Empath Types.  So "stay tuned" for some fun and exciting stuff.

World "Empath Coming Out Day!"

    In 1997 while conducting one of the final Empath control groups for his research,  it was decided in the group that in order to promote Empath awareness that we needed our own day to celebrate.  The group established the tradition of World Empath Coming Out Day as November 11th.   The idea is to "come out" to someone as an Empath on that day and to celebrate being an Empath in some public fashion.   Jad established the universal "Sign of the Empath" as the letter PHI of the Greek alphabet .  As a somewhat radical step Jad had the letter PHI tattooed on his left temple to make a constant public statement about Empaths. The significance of the PHI symbol is profound and leads to powerful insights into the 'science" of the Empath.  Through on site classes & workshops students created art projects elaborating on the Empath theme and on the PHI symbol. 

 Below are some graphics based upon the universal Sign of the Empath:



You may use any of these graphics on your websites, blogs, forums,  or signatures to promote Empath awareness and Empath World Coming Out Day.


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