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Stage Seven

Discovering Your Power

In the last stage you learned direct ways to tap into your inner vision and about the experience of co-patterning. Once co-patterning is complete your waking mind and your empathic mind will be one and the same. Little is required at the point in order to access empathic information.

If you have read chapter six and have started the L.A.D. exercises, then you are ready to move into stage seven of your empath training. Stage seven introduces you to Gamma the fifth and final letter of the empathic alphabet. In the advanced stages of your training you will learn how to translate the English alphabet by using empathic language, revealing the "Dreamtongue" level of written and spoken language.

A discussion on Gamma can either be made out to be very complex or very simple. The world is fully of complex "gamma books." The purpose of this chapter is to make Gamma very simple and accessible.

The problem with going farther than Delta is that we have run out of brain waves. Delta waves cycle between 1 to 4 per second, so going past Delta seems impossible. In fact, everything about Gamma seems impossible. Yet Gamma experiences occur. Gamma is not related to a specific brain wave pattern, for it is the combination of all brain wave patterns.

Gamma is consciousness as an energy field, a whole unit of interconnected functions. Understanding the "field effect" is a vital turning point in your development. Grasping the implications of the field effect can take you out of the realm of "superstitious thinking" into a rational and grounded appreciation for empathic functioning. This is an important step in our progress as Empaths.

In some older traditions Gamma has been called "the aura," where others have called it the "L-field." It is not limited to your head area or to your psyche. The best image of Gamma is suggested by the Tattwa akasa as a basically oval light surrounding your entire body. (Representing the field effect itself).

Gamma is the source of consciousness combined with the overall effect of consciousness. It is the source of the other levels of empathic communication in Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. As the source of consciousness Gamma could be called the "spirit."

So, as you might guess, as we move into the Gamma level we are moving into metaphysical territory. At the Gamma level we enter the world of metaphysical and spiritual speculation, something that is best communicated through Dreamtongue, through symbols, myths, archetypes, ideas, and associations.

Gamma events are the result of the ultimate nature of all things, whatever that may be. Gamma is representative of that "one step beyond our ability to perceive or comprehend." Gamma events are more difficult to explain because they occur outside of our understanding of reality. Gamma events are precognition: empathic messages about future events; retrocognition: empathic messages about past events; communication with other levels of consciousness or beings as they might be called.

At the Gamma level issues of life after death, communication with the deceased, channeling, reincarnation, and the nature of reality all come into play. As I mentioned before, some empaths prefer to work at just the normal empathic levels and do not necessarily go as far as the Gamma level. Gamma is more difficult to work with because it is indefinable, yet at the same time, it is easier to work with because all things are an expression of it.

There is a great paradox at this level; involving the mind trying to know or perceive past its own limits. The results of the paradox, unfortunately, are an endless amount of speculation, fantasy, and wishful thinking. What is "true" or "truth" remains to be seen. That does not mean that we should overlook or avoid the Gamma level. It just means that we should be more vigilant and grounded when it comes to investigating Gamma experience.

Conventional use of language fails to express the complete nature of the Gamma level. "What" Gamma is communicates through Dreamtongue, as a holographic language that conveys much more information through symbology than what is available through literal use of words and ideas.

At the Gamma level Dreamtongue occurs in its full expressive form. Communication and information are available through creative and archetypal imagery. In the next chapter you will learn the art of empathic language as it occurs on the Gamma level, using the full empathic alphabet. For now, your focus is on understanding Gamma as the fifth empathic letter and the fifth level of empathic functioning.

One of the misconceptions that people have about any kind of "psychic functioning" is that it mostly means the ability to tell the future. From this belief, many people who try to develop their empathic natures spend a lot of time focusing on predicting the future in some form. Precognitions do occur but the strength of empathic ability rests in the day to day connections of telepathy, alpha associating, and remote viewing.

The idea that we can predict the future is fraught with many problems. If we can predict the future does that mean, then, that the future is already set? Does learning about future events change future events? If so, then what is the value of learning future events? The idea of seeing into the future presents an unsolvable puzzle to the human mind. It does not fit into any understanding of reality as we know it. Yet it happens.

In my work as a empathic consultant over many years, I have had incredible moments of pinpointing future events for people. The events would happen and everyone would be amazed, including me. Other times I could not tell a person their name if I were looking at their driver's license.

Information about the future comes from a place inside that cannot be directly manipulated. It is extremely easy for us to fool ourselves. The laws of chance alone make guessing accurate at least half the time. All too often what appears to be an accurate prediction of the future is really the result of guessing, logical, and critical thinking, imagination, and the desire to believe.

Now, having said that, there are awesome moments when images and information about the future actually do come through the empathic mind. Let's just be as realistic about it as we possibly can.

The most common forms of precognition come through dreams. Have you ever had a dream that came true? Many, many times I have had dreams of people, places, and events, a year or two before I ever knew the people or the places. It creates an odd feeling when you walk into a place and meet a person you dreamed about two years before. This feeling has been called deja-vu. I believe that most deja-vu experience comes from empathic dreams that eventually become reality.

Precognition as a empathic ability often occurs spontaneously and without warning. This type of Gamma information suddenly appears in the mind through feelings, impressions, thoughts, or images. Gamma messages can interact with any of the other levels since Gamma is the source place of the levels. The most direct form of precognition is the spontaneous kind, for it usually relates to information that is needed in the moment.

People have tried for centuries, if not millennia, to manipulate precognition. Divination is an art form that has evolved for the purpose of manipulating precognition. The tools of divination help the empath focus their empathic impressions and empathic intent. The common tools of divination include tarot cards, scrying tools, numbers, runes, I-Ching, and yes, even tea leaves.

It does not matter what the tools are for all your empathic mind needs is a place to focus. The use of a visual object to gain empathic information from Gamma is a Beta function. Therefore the use of tools can establish a channel between the Beta and the Gamma levels.

Another form of precognition is the premonition. A premonition is more like a "sense" of something about to occur. People who fly the same airline or airplane all the time are often the ones who decided not to take the flight the day of an accident; because it did not feel right for some reason. A premonition is a Gamma message about a future event that is felt at the Alpha level through a sense or impression.

The other end of Gamma abilities deals with retrocognition, or empathic information about the past. Retrocognition is what you hear about when an empathic is working on solving a crime with the police. Information and impressions are pieced together to track a killer or to just determine what happened. This information can come through any of the channels but is often accessed through Theta and Delta. In retrocognition you can access Gamma information about the past, information that will come to you as thoughts and images.

So you see, Gamma interacts with all the empathic levels. Gamma is the power source to the other levels. Working with Gamma strengthens Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta functions. To work with Gamma is to develop your power source as an empath and is easy to initiate. To begin working with Gamma only requires that you select a tool or tools that you will use to focus your empathic intent.

Selecting a Gamma Tool

A Gamma tool is one that is used in divination. Divination is the artful way of processing empathic information. Again, traditional tools of divination are the Tarot cards, runes, numbers, tea leaves, crystal balls, a bowl of water, yarrow sticks for I-Ching, regular playing cards, and so on. No one tool is better than the other except that a specific tool will work better for one individual than for another.

I encourage you to take your time with this stage, to have fun, and to be very creative. Selecting a Gamma tool requires some experimentation. Trying different tools until you connect with just the right one. You may select more than one, but there will always be one that is more powerful for you. Ultimately you will not need tools to process empathic information but they can be an asset in the early stages of your development.

Before selecting a tool be sure to consider the following information. The traditional tools were created by people who were connected to their own Gamma level, their own personal power. The best tools are the ones you develop yourself or the ones that you use in your own personal way. That is why there are so many cards and systems available today.

There is an empathic renaissance occurring. People are realizing the creative force behind empathic and spiritual methodology. If you do choose a traditional tool, then be flexible and realize that it will eventually have to be shaped to fit your own inner nature. The books and the guidelines will help you get started but the true guidance comes from within. That is the whole point.

To develop your Gamma power source:

1. Select one tool. (You may add more later, but the goal is to focus!) The tool may be traditional or one you develop yourself. I will describe how to develop one yourself shortly.

2. The tool needs to be a physical object. If your tool is a "spirit guide" or an empathic totem then create or acquire a physical object that represents your connection to the guide. This can be a piece of jewelry, a picture, a symbolic object, etc.

3. If the tool is jewelry then take exceptional care of that jewelry. Keep it on your person at all times. When you want to access empathic information touch or gaze at the object. If the tool is a set of cards or other traditional objects then make a special place to keep and preserve them. How you treat the tool forms an "aura" of expectation and preservation of energy.

4. If you use a box or area to store your Gamma tools, be sure to include an image of your empathic totem on or in the area. We are working with the "art of intent" here, not superstitious thinking. For example, let's say your empathic totem is a hawk and your choice of tools is a set of Tarot cards. You can build or acquire a wooden box to store the cards. You could carve or burn the image of a hawk into the lid of the box. This way you have connected your Gamma tools with your empathic totem. The goal is to have all levels interact.

5. The use of tools establishes a Beta presence for your empathic nature. You can extend this presence in different ways. Your object or the container of your object can be anointed with a scent that you associate with your own empathic nature. The choice of an oil or scent should be made empathically by listening to Dreamtongue: through a Beta, Alpha, Theta, or Delta message. Any colors associated with your tools can be chosen in the same way. The more associations you form to your tools the stronger your connection to your power source.

6. If you find yourself using a tool and you are not feeling connected to it, then change. Do not become burdened with trying to make it work. Your empathic nature is already present; it simply needs a means to express. Listen to your inner empathic, it will guide you.

7. Change and evolve your tools over time. Do not worry about jumping around from one thing to another. You will find yourself always coming back to the thing that empowers you the most. The process of being drawn back to something is a very powerful Gamma confirmation.

8. Be sure to include your observations and developing relationship with your tools in your Dreamtongue journal.

Creating Your Own Gamma Tool

The creation of new Gamma tools is very prevalent today. You can find countless versions of Tarot cards, empathic reading cards, and spiritual guidance cards. There are many systems of divination available to you right now. Any one of them may be your Gamma connection. You can also be the creator of one. As an empath you only need a place to focus your attention. Once focused you can listen the language of Dreamtongue.

To create your own tool or tools first decide what kind of method you want to use. There are two types of method in divination:

  • the "drawing method"-- where empathic information appears to be drawn from a source, and
  • the "projective method" - where empathic information is projected onto images and patterns.

The projective method is commonly done through cards, stones, and patterns. You can design a set of cards which contain images that are meaningful to you. The number of cards, the meaning of the cards, how they are to be laid out, and the guidelines for their use can all be empathically determined by you.

The projective method is also done by something called, "scrying," which involves gazing into a translucent substance like water or a crystal ball. By focusing your attention into a bowl or pool of water you can project Delta images to gain information. To use the projective method simply requires that you have something visual on which to focus. The rules, guidelines, and things that you use to establish your focus are completely up to you.

There is no secret formula needed in order for them to work. Your own empathic nature is what works; the tools are just the means to an end. You could grab a clump of dirt and throw it on the sidewalk, then look for patterns in the dirt. It is your empathic mind which organizes the interpretations you get. So be creative and be adventurous.

The drawing method can be done in many ways. For example, you may select a necklace as your Gamma tool. Let's say it is an ankh. You might rub this ankh with patchouli oil once a week, because the scent of patchouli is compatible with your empathic nature. When you smell the patchouli you are reminded of your growth as an empath.

To use the drawing method you would train yourself to touch the ankh in a specific way, such as holding it between the thumb and index finger with your left hand. You associate this act with drawing empathic information into your awareness, so that each time you do this you access one or more levels of Dreamtongue.

The selection of an object and the ritual you design to access it is completely determined by you. The important thing to remember is to decide in advance how you are going to use it so that you are clear enough to focus when you need to. Be creative and be flexible. Let the process grow and shape itself through experience.

There is one last practice to put into place. The practice of empowering your Gamma tools. This is really self-empowerment with the tools as the focal point.

Empowering Your Gamma Tools

The last piece to put into place involves connecting with the world around you. As an empath it is vital that you connect with the Earth, the natural rhythms and cycles that are occurring around you.

If you are in the house, in the car, at work all the time, then you can lose your connection to the pulse of life around you. To empower your Gamma connection requires that you find a specific activity in order to connect with the Earth in your own personal way. Consider the following guidelines.

1. Select a place outdoors that is special to you in some way. Listen to the Dreamtongue messages you get while selecting an area. Listen to how your body responds, to the feelings you get, the impressions that come to mind, the images that appear. You probably already have such a place in mind; it is a place where you need to go from time to time.

2. It does not matter if this is a public or private place, as much as it matters how you feel and respond to it. It can be a park, a beach, a backyard, a courtyard, a tree, a river, a stream, a pond, a path, a garden. It can be anything as long as it feels right to you and you can associate connecting to the Earth through the place.

3. Make a point to visit this place at least once a week. There are no rules for how often you do this; it is just that you maintain the connection. Sometimes you will need to go there more often and other times less often. There will be times when weather affects your access to the place. The place itself will go through cycles and growth, which will be a part of your process. If your place is a park that gets bulldozed down for a parking lot then your growth will involve transferring the energy of that spot to a new place.

4. Take your Gamma tool(s) with you when you go to the place. You may design a ritual (process) for your empowerment time. You may just sit in contemplation. Your time may involve walking or creating or whatever. You must guide and determine these things for yourself. This inner guidance is the power of the empath that you need to develop.

5. Record each time you visit your power source in your empaths journal. Some may use the time at the power source for journal writing. You may find yourself writing more directly in Dreamtongue (from the empathic level) by doing this.

6. Always go alone to this place. This maintains the focus and the concentration behind your development. You might desire to share this spot with a special person but I encourage you to keep this practice intact. Of course, the only really guiding principle comes from within you and all choices rest with you. You may find other places that are better for sharing with others.

You now have all five of the letters of the empathic alphabet:

You have been introduced to how they relate and work with each other. These letters combine into messages and impressions that originate from your empathic senses. To understand your dream voice, which speaks in the language of your unconscious, involves hearing with your body, mind, and soul, the messages that come from all levels of life.

Normal literal language conveys very little information compared to Dreamtongue. By beginning to understand the five empathic letters you are seeing how a symbol can represent so much more information than a word, as well as how a word can be a symbol. This understanding of how a symbol can convey more information than a literal word is the beginning of your knowledge of Dreamtongue. It is the language of an empath. It is a key to levels of information not available to your primary senses.

When you have selected a Gamma tool or tools, and have begun the practice of empowering yourself and those tools, you have completed stage seven of your training as an empath. You are now ready to begin working with the art of empathic language.

Stage Seven Review

1. The goal of stage seven is to understand Gamma as the source of the other four levels of empathic functioning and to develop a means of working with this power source.

2. Gamma, unlike the other functions, is not related to brain wave activity.

3. Gamma is consciousness as a field of energy, also called the aura.

4. Gamma events involve precognition, retrocognition, channeling, issues of Life after death, other forms of life, and other levels of reality.

5. Precognition often occurs spontaneously when there is a need. Divination is a means of accessing precognition intentionally.

6. Divination is the artful way of processing empathic information.

7. Selecting a Gamma tool connects an empath to her or his own power source.

8. You can create your Gamma tool or use traditional ones.

9. The final practice of empath training is to empower your Gamma tools on a regular basis.

10. Dreamtongue is the language of the empath using symbols to convey more information than literal language.

Stage Eight: Interpreting Dreamtongue



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